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Phase II Checklist

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  • Are observations defined for all targets and for all grating settings (if more than one requested)?

Target Environment:

  • The Phoenix imaging field is quite small. If your field is crowded or your target optically faint, finding charts may be needed at the telescope (be aware that DSS or 2MASS images are usually not clear enough!)
  • Don't forget to check that you have selected a guide star for each of your targets. See the Position Editor item below.

Phoenix component:

  • As a visitor instrument, Phoenix is not fully integrated in the Gemini Observatory Control System. Still, telescope configuration parameters (target and guide star coordinates, slit Position Angle, observing wavelength) can be sent directly from the internal OT to the telescope if the observation is appropriately defined in Phase II. Therefore, please check that all the appropriate elements have been defined: filter, slit PA, central wavelength.
  • Use the position editor to check that the WFS star is neither too close to the outer edge of the patrol field nor is the WFS arm vignetting the science field.


  • For 1-2.5 µm observations, are the calibration stars no brighter than than JHK~5 so that the array isn't saturated by them while imaging them during acquisition?
  • Have you included the observations for the flats and darks?
  • Have you included the observations for the arcs, if necessary?

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