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In addition to the general acknowledgment to the Gemini Observatory, the following specific acknowledgment should be included in any paper containing Phoenix data:

This paper is based on observations obtained with the Phoenix infrared
spectrograph, developed and operated by the National Optical Astronomy

The recommended reference to be cited when describing the instrument is: Hinkle, K. H., Blum, R., Joyce, R. R., Ridgway, S. T., Rodgers, B., Sharp, N., Smith, V., Valenti, J., & van der Bliek, N. 2002, Proc. SPIE, 4834, 353

The Arcturus Atlas (telluric lines) obtained with Phoenix at Kitt Peak can be found at: Hinkle, K., Wallace, L., Livingston, W. 1995, PASP, 107, 1042 or directly from CADC at:


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