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Observation Preparation

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This section describes how to prepare and check Phoenix observations.

Although not a facility instrument, and therefore not capable of integrating fully with the Gemini Observatory Control System, the Phase II definition of Phoenix observation is done using the Gemini Observing tool. This section describes how to set the "static" configuration of telescope and instrument for each observation. This component contains the information that sets up the target and guide star, allows for differential refraction correction between guiding and observing wavelengths, and defines the position angle of the slit in the sky. The Sequence Iterator is used to define the actual observing steps (nodding, total length of observation) when (a) nodding along the slit or (b) nodding to an offset sky position. Unlike the facility instruments, with Phoenix the information in this component is not actually passed from the Observing Database to the instrument, but is referred to by the queue observer when setting up the observations in the Phoenix computer.

Phoenix has a OT library available with instructions, examples, and templates for the use of creating Phase II observations. See the OT Library web pages for more information.

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