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Phase I Checklist

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Instrument configuration:

  • Is the appropriate order sorting filter for each desired spectral interval specified in the proposal instrument resource list? 
  • Does your choice of slit give appropriate spectral resolution and sensitivity?

Telescope peripheral wavefront sensors:

  • Have you specified one guide star of adequate brightness for the peripheral wavefront sensor?


  • Have you considered the calibrations needed, including the minimum S/N needed?
  • Has sufficient observing time been allowed for the necessary calibrations?

Observing time:

  • Did you confirm the exposure time and S/N using the available sensitivity table or the Integration Time Calculator, allowing for the observing conditions requested in your proposal and the transmission at the wavelengths of interest?
  • Are the overheads included in the time requested in your proposal?
  • Have overheads been included for all requested extra calibrations?

Classical Proposals

  • If requesting more than one echelle setting have you:
    • added the extra overhead for initial setup?
    • checked which will be the preferred observing strategy (e.g., switching between echelle positions on one target vs. switching from target to target at one echelle position, considering the effects of overheads)?

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