Active Galaxies and Quasars
Carine Brum The ionized gas kinematics and distribution in the inner region of the Seyfert galaxies NGC\,4101 and NGC\,3982 observed with GMOS IFU
Hekatelyne Carpes IFU Spectroscopy os IRASF23199+0123
Marlon Diniz Feeding Versus Feedback in AGN from Near-Infrared IFU Observations: The Case of NGC2110
Moiré Hennig A nuclear molecular ring in Mrk1066 revealed by PCA tomography
Minjin Kim Optical Spectroscopy of X-ray selected Intermediate-mass Black Holes
Kathleen Labrie Signatures of Quasar Microlensing
Murilo Marinello Unraveling the excitation mechanisms of AGN super-strong FeII emitters
Dinalva A. Sales Discovery of two nuclei in the process of merging in the OH Megamaser Galaxy IRAS17526+3253
Astor Joao Schonell Jr Feeding and Feedback in AGN: the case of NGC5548
Cosmic Explosions
Franz Bauer An X-ray Transient Goes Bump in the Night
Ori Fox Infrared Follow-up Observations of Supernovae with Gemini in the Era of Giant Glass
Sang Chul Kim KMTNet Supernova Project : The Introduction
Stuart Ryder The First Supernova Discovered with GeMS/GSAOI
Distant Galaxies and Cosmology
Lilia Bassino GMOS photometry of the globular cluster system in the peculiar galaxy NGC 4753
Matthew Bayliss The SPT-GMOS Spectroscopic Survey of Galaxy Clusters
Steven Janssens Distant Galaxies and Cosmology
Sam Kim [CII] Emission Detection on LABOCA Resolved Triple Components at z=4.441
Irapuan Rodrigues Oxygen abundance gradients in interacting galaxy pairs
Galatic Astronomy
James De Buizer Gemini and SOFIA Observations of Massive Star Formation
Tom Geballe Using Poor Weather Time to Search the Galactic Center for Bright Stars with Featureless Spectra
Denise Gonçalves First Proof of Shock-excited H_2 in the Low-Ionization Structures of PNe
Ken Hinkle Abundances on the 47 Tuc Giant Branch and AGB
Lee Jae-Joon UKIRT Widefield Infrared Survey for Fe+
Chris Tinney Funnel Web: Mapping the Spectra of the Southern Sky
Gemini Instrument Feasibility Studies
Robert Barkhouser Gemini Multi‐Obect eXtra‐wide‐band Spectrograph (GMOX)
Antonio de Ugarte Postigo General poster of the OCTOCAM (GIFS) instrument
Christina Thöne Optomechanical design poster of the OCTOCAM (GIFS) instrument
Christina Thöne A simultaneous optical/nIR IFU for the GIFS OCTOCAM project
Alexander van der Horst The Plethora of Science with OCTOCAM: Optical to Near-Infrared Imaging and Spectroscopy at High Time Resolution
Instrumentation and Facilities
André-Nicolas Chené GRACES: High-resolution optical spectroscopy finally possible at Gemini North!
Thomas Hayward Monitoring and Improving Image Quality of the Gemini Telescopes
Paul Hirst The New Gemini Data Archive
Olivier Lai Altair and the future of Gemini North Aadaptive Optics
Marie Lemoine-Busserolle NIFS Python data reduction pipeline and NIFS Observations of Turbulent Disks at z~1
Lison Malo Using OPERA to reduce GRACES data
Rachel Mason Gemini's Fast Turnaround Program
Sung-Joon Park The Korean Space Programs for Infrared Astronomy
Fredrik Rantakyro Present and Future of the Gemini Planet Imager
Katherine Roth GMOS CCDs Upgrade: One Down, One to Go!
Joanna Thomas-Osip Introducing the Science User Support Department
Joanna Thomas-Osip Photometric Calibration with the Gemini South Adaptive Optics Imager (GSAOI)
The Nearby Universe
Stephanie Cote Transition Dwarf Galaxies in Nearby Galaxy Groups
Ruben Diaz Uncovering the nucleus candidate for NGC 253
Carlos Escudero The globular cluster system of the galaxy NGC 4546: clues about the origin of S0 galaxies.
Angela Cristina Krabbe A study of the star formation history of a sample of galaxy pairs.
Bryan Miller Testing MOND in NGC3923
Letizia Stanghellini Gas-phase oxygen abundances and radial metallicity gradients in nearby spiral galaxies
Dennis Crabtree Gemini's Productivity and Impact
Eduardo Cypriano The merging cluster Abell 1758: adding new pieces to solve a complex puzzle
Alexandre David-Uraz X-ray emitting B stars in the Carina Nebula: magnetism or active low-mass binary companions?

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