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NICI Dichroic/Beamsplitter Wheel

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The Dichroic/Beamsplitter wheel is located after the coronagraph components (focal-plane, pupil, and spider masks) to split the beam between the two science channels.  In its current configuration, only one beamsplitter is available to split the light.  Open and Mirror positions are also available to direct all the light to either channel.

The H Methane and H/K Dichroics are newly installed and available for use in 2011B.  However, these new dichroics are not yet fully characterized.  Investigators wishing to utilize the new dichroics should communicate with their contact scientists to discuss strategy and performance. 


NICI Dichroic Wheel
Name Channel 1 (Red) response Channel 2 (Blue) response Gemini ID
Open 100% 0% --
Mirror 0% 100% G5702
H 50/50 Beamsplitter 50% over H window 50% over H window G5701
H Methane Dichroic (1615nm) G5704
H/K Dichroic (1865nm) G5705
Alignment Mirror     G5703

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