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NICI Acronyms

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Commonly used NICI acronyms:

  • AOCB: Adaptive Optics Capture Buffer
  • AOWFS: Adapative Optics Wavefront Sensor
  • APD: Avalanche Photodiode (in AOWFS)
  • DM: Deformable Mirror
  • DW: Dichroic Wheel
  • FOCS: Fiber Optic Calibration Source
  • FPMW: Focal-plane mask wheel
  • IC: Instrument Controller
  • IS: Instrument Sequencer
  • MEF: Multi-extension FITS
  • NDFW: Neutral Density Filter Wheel
  • OCS: Observatory Control System
  • OIWFS: On-Instrument Wavefront Sensor (a.k.a. the NICI AOWFS)
  • OT: Observing Tool
  • OTR: Real-time Observing Tool
  • PCM: Process Control & Monitor (screen of IC)
  • PI: Pupil Imager
  • PMW: Pupil Mask Wheel
  • PWFS2: Peripheral Wavefront Sensor 2
  • SMR: Spider Mask Rotator
  • TE: Thermal Enclosure
  • TTSM: Tip-Tilt steering mirror
  • WFS: Wavefront Sensor

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