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NICI Detectors

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NICI is equipped with two Aladdin II InSb detectors, one for each science channel.  The table below provides their characteristics as measured in NICI.

Characteristic Channel 1 Detector Channel 2 Detector
Pixel format 1024x1024 pixels 1024x1024 pixels
Pixel Scale 0.018 arcsec/pixel 0.018 arcsec/pixel
Field of View 18.43 x 18.43 arcsecs 18.43 x 18.43 arcsecs
Spectral Response 0.9 to 5.5 microns 0.9 to 5.5 microns
Instrumental Background 2-4 e-/s/pix 2-4 e-/s/pix
Gain 0.0806 ADU/e- 0.0806 ADU/e-
Well depth 200,000 e- 200,000 e-
Quantum efficiency about 90% about 90%
Flat field repeatability TBD TBD
Residual image retention Yes Yes

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