Systems Engineering

Interface Control Documents Database

This section will allow you to query the Interface Control Documents (ICD) database maintained by Systems Engineering. This database will give ICD subsystem and release information. Please select one subsystem at a time to get ICD information on that subsystem, or go directly to the Reports section. Or, you can check the status of submitted change control forms.

Are you looking for general interface control documents? They can be found in the Documentation area.

Abbreviations and codes:
CON - Controls GroupSYS - Systems Engineering
OPT - Optics GroupINS - Instrumentation Group
TEG - Telescope and Enclosure Group

Priority codes are determined internally
by Project Managers.

Subsystem Selection

ICD Reports

All Subsystems
(Warning - this is a long report.)
Released ICDs
Finished (but Not Released) ICDs
Started (but Not Finished) ICDs
Not Yet Started
Priority Summary

Virginia Smith / / July 25, 2000