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The Gemini Project is governed by the Gemini Board, which has members from each of the parties to the International Gemini Agreement. The National Science Foundation (NSF) has been designated the Executive Agency for Gemini, and the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA) has been selected by the NSF as the Managing Organization for the Gemini Project. Each of the parties to the Gemini Agreement has a National Gemini Project Office responsible for liaison with their national astronomical community. AURA has established the International Gemini Project Office, located in Tucson, Arizona, USA, the Gemini Observatory Northern Operations Center, located in Hilo, Hawaii, USA, and the Gemini Observatory Southern Operations Center located in La Serena, Chile.

Gemini is headed by the Observatory Director, who is responsible for overall conduct of the Gemini Project. The Associate Directors are responsible for ensuring that the engineering and scientific requirements and objectives are met during commissioning and operations of the Gemini observatories. The Gemini Project Manager is responsible for the construction and commissioning of the Gemini observatories within the budget and schedule approved by the Gemini Board. Gemini's organization is comprised of several groups, working together with the Project Manager and Project Scientist. Each group is responsible for a major segment of development for the telescopes.

The current Gemini management team is:

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Contact Information

Gemini Observatory
Tucson Project Office
950 N. Cherry Avenue
Tucson, Arizona, 85719, USA
Phone: (520) 318-8545
Fax: (520) 318-8590
Gemini Observatory
Northern Operations Center
670 N. A'ohoku Place
Hilo, Hawaii, 96720, USA
Phone: (808) 974-2500
Fax: (808) 935-9235
Gemini Observatory
Southern Operations Center
c/o AURA Inc., Casilla 603
La Serena, Chile
Phone: 56-51-205-600
Fax: 56-51-205-650
The Project also has an Internet mailing address, You can reach staff members via email using their first initial and last name, or check the staff index.

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