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NICI Phase II (OT) Checklist

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Phase II Checklist

Here is a checklist for NICI-specific Phase II items in the OT.

  • Specified observing conditions are within the NICI constraints.
  • For ADI & ASDI observations, the airmass constraint corresponds to the desired sky rotation limits for the observation.
  • Base target coordinates include proper motions and parallax.
  • Base and OIWFS target coordinates and proper motions are identical.
  • OIWFS target V magnitude field contains the correct V magnitude.
  • P2WFS guide star is specified.
  • Cass Rotator Fixed or Follow mode is set properly.
  • 95% pupil mask is selected (required for the current semester).
  • Dichroic and filters are set properly for dual or single-channel imaging.
  • Exposure time is between 0.38 s and 150 s or the saturation limit for target, whichever is lower.
  • NCoadds set for desired save time.
  • ISS Port is set to Up-Looking for 2011A.
  • Number of observes and/or sequence steps are set for desired total observation time.
  • Offset sequences contain the proper Fixed or Follow setting.
  • Desired skies and flats are specified, either directly in observing sequences or in notes.
  • Flat field sequences and exposure times are taken from OT templates.

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