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System Verification for FLAMINGOS-2 on Gemini South

2014 Update: Imaging and Long slit queue observations are regularly executed since 2014.  Due to the delays caused by the cracked collimator lens, the 2013 commissioning runs were shortened and the System Verification call was definitively cancelled for the imaging and long-slit modes. 

Note that due to the cracked collimator lens we have canceled the March 2012 FLAMINGOS-2 SV call (see Status and Availability page).

March 2012 SV Info (old)

The Gemini community is invited to propose System Verification (SV) science programs for FLAMINGOS-2 imaging and long-slit modes. The deadline for proposals for all modes is Monday February 6, 2012, 23:59 UT. An announcement regarding SV for the multi-object spectroscopy mode will come later.

Approximately 40 hours of telescope time is available for imaging and long-slit programs. These observations will be executed during bright time in the first half of March, therefore, targets must have 6<RA<16.

Proposals will be reviewed and selected for their suitability to test all modes of the system, and selected proposals will be announced by February 17, 2012. Phase II submissions will be required for imaging and long-slit programs by Monday February 27th. Successful PIs will need to be available during the period Feb 20 to Mar 9 to prepare their phase IIs and interact with the Gemini F-2 team before and during the SV run.

More information, and details about the modes being tested is provided in the complete SV Call.

System verification provides an end-to-end test of a new instrument or capability, from the proposal process to the delivery of the data, in advance of offering the new capability to the community for general use. Therefore, it is a "shared risk" observing mode, and incurs responsibility on the proposers to provide feedback to the observatory in a timely fashion. SV data also have a shortened proprietary period.

Call for Proposals

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