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Finding In-band Mid-IR Standard Star Fluxes

Mid-infrared Standard Star Brightness Tool

In-Band Brightness Values for Mid-Infrared Standard Stars

This page allows one to find the estimated in-band fluxes of standard stars for MICHELLE or T-ReCS. The values are calculated from the spectral energy distributions and the filter profiles, and include the effects of the blocking elements. They do not allow for the mirror reflectivity and detector quantum efficiency as functions of wavelength.

Calculations were carried out for the assumed outside the atmosphere case, for a standard zenith atmospheric transmission, and for the atmospehric transmission at 2 airmasses. These values together give some indication of how sensitive the filter is to atmospheric extinction. However it must be borne in mind that the extinction is a function of the water vapour column as well as changing with the weather.

The names of the primary and secondary Cohen standards need to be entered in specific forms (such as "alpha_CMa") to match the internal list. A list of the names of all the standard stars as used in this form can be found here


Standard name:


Output quantity




The values are given to more decimal places than the accuracy of the calibrations really affords. Round off as appropriate.

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