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Loading Images into GMMPS

The image of the field should be a reduced (co-added) GMOS image supplied by Gemini, or a similarly reduced image. The image should be a MEF file. More information about MEF files can be found on the data formats page.

Loading the MEF

  1. Use the "File - Open" command in the menu. From the pop-up window choose the FITS file of the image and click "OK".

    [Open image window]
  2. Since the image is a MEF, you will be required to chose which extension you wish to open (see window below). Click on the second header unit (HDU) and then click "Open".

    [HDU window]
  3. Once the image is loaded, the image window should look similar to below.

  4. Image display 

A few points to note: 

  • To adjust the color scale of the image click "Auto Set Cut Levels" or go to "View - Cut levels" on the main menu. The latter will open a window in which it is possible to adjust the intensity levels of the pixels. For instance, if the intensity level is too low, then to increase the level change the "Auto set" from 100% to 98%. This changes the fraction of pixels that are within the cut levels. Then "Close" the pop-up window when all required changes are made. You can also enter "Low" and "High" count levels directly into the labeled entry boxes in the left panel (above the "Auto Set Cut Levels" button).
  • To zoom-in on the image, to view objects in more detail, click on the large "Z" button to the bottom-left of the screen (see above). Similarly, to zoom out of the image, click on the small "z" button.

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