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Spectral atlas of OH emission

This file contains most of the night sky OH lines. All the lines belonging to the sequence Delta V=2 to 5, up to V'=9 are included. All the levels with the rotational quantum number J lower than or equal to 16.5 have been considered.>/p>

The different columns contain the following data :
1: Wavelengths in vacuum (Angstroms)
2: Theoretical intensity, in relative units proportional to the flux of photons. The absolute flux is arbitrary.

These data have been computed by Philippe Rousselot (Observatory of Besancon, France). The computations are based on the energy levels published by Abrams et al., 1994 (Ap.J. Suppl. Seris 93, 351-395) and on the transition probabilities published by Mies, 1974 (J. of Mol. Spec. 53, 150-188). The upper relative populations have been computed by assuming a Boltzmann distribution with a rotational temperature equal to 190 K and a vibrational temperature equal to 9000 K. These values are approximate and the resulting relative intensities should be regarded as indicative. The accuracy of the wavelengths is of the order of a few hundredth of Angstroms.

If you have any questions or comments concerning this list you can send an E-mail to philippe@obs-besancon.fr.

If you use this list for your work and puslish it, please refer to: Rousselot et al., 2000, A & A, 354, 1134


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