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Basic characteristics of T-ReCS's imaging mode

Taken from the current T-ReCS Intro page

  • Diffraction-limited image quality: FWHM ~<0.4" at 10.0 µm, 0.8" at 26 µm
  • Pixel size = 0.09" (fixed)
  • Field of view = 28.8"×21.6"
  • Number of filters: currently 20, capacity for 24 Occulting bar available for imaging (2" wide)
  • Broad-band (N, Q) and Narrow-band Filter Imaging

Strategies and considerations for Michelle imaging

We propose arranging "observing strategy" information by instrument mode and having it either linked under that particular mode or forming part of the introductory page for that mode. Most instruments already have their strategy pages split up by mode, or at least in a way that's easily adapted. Michelle and T-ReCS currently share strategy pages in the mid-IR resources section. That could be quite easily split up by mode and just linked from here. The only bit of that page that's common to all (most) modes is the bit about chopping, nodding and guiding, which needs another home.

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