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Queue and Schedules

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This page lists the Gemini on-line documentation giving

Investigators may also find this outline of what happens once your observations are in the queue helpful.

Semester Overview 

Semester Schedules

These links give the telescope schedule for each of Gemini North and South, for each semester. The available instrumentation is shown, as well as planned engineering, commissioning and classical nights. 

Queue Summary

These links list the queue programs for the semester at both Gemini North and South. The completion status is shown, as the percentage of the time allocated that has been executed. Dates when the program was observed are also given. These pages are updated daily.

Classical Schedule

These links list the calendar dates for classical runs at Gemini North and South, as well as Keck and Subaru, for any exchange programs allocated time in that semester.

Current Status of Queue

Current Instrument Configurations

These links show what instruments are on each telescope, and the current configuration of each GMOS.

  • Instruments on GN | GS
  • GMOS configuration GN | GS

Database Snapshots

These links show the status of the queue programs at each telescope, in each semester, as the percentage of observations that are at Phase 2, are ready for or in review, for activation, on hold, ready, ongoing, observed or inactive. These pages are updated daily.

  • 20A Overview GN | GS ||   20A Interactive GN | GS
  • 19B Overview GN | GS ||   19B Interactive GN | GS
  • 19A Overview GN | GS ||   19A Interactive GN | GS
  • 18B Overview GN | GS ||   18B Interactive GN | GS
  • 18A Overview GN | GS ||   18A Interactive GN | GS
  • 17B Overview GN | GS ||   17B Interavtive GN | GS
  • 17A Overview GN | GS ||   17A Interactive GN | GS
  • 16B Overview GN | GS ||   16B Interactive GN | GS
  • 16A Overview GN | GS ||   16A Interactive GN | GS
  • 15B Overview GN | GS ||   15B Interactive GN | GS
  • 15A Overview GN | GS ||   15A Interactive GN | GS
  • 14B Overview GN | GS ||   14B Interactive GN | GS
  • 14A Overview GN | GS ||   14A Interactive GN | GS 

Phase II instructions and Deadlines

Phase II Instructions, including GMOS Mask and Laser Target Deadlines

Phase I and II Deadlines from the Call for Proposals

Gemini Observatory Participants