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Data Reduction

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IRAF tools have been developed by Gemini staff to expedite reduction of Mid-IR data. Scripts for basic imaging and spectral data processing of Michelle and T-ReCS data have been released as part of the Gemini IRAF package. These are found in the midir package under the main Gemini IRAF package. Tasks are also available for very basic imaging polarimetry reductions, but these should normally be used just to obtain images at the different waveplate positions. These images should then be further reduced in a dedicated polarimetry package outside of IRAF, such as the Starlink POLPACK package. There is very little in the way of polarimetry tasks in core IRAF, and so it has not been possible to develop a comprehensive polarimetry reduction package for support of Michelle imaging polarimetry.

The structure of Michelle and T-ReCS data files, and the differences between them, are described in detail in on this page, which also shows some characteristic features of data from these instruments. See also this document, which is part of the midir package.

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