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Here we describe the key modes of NIRI to be tested as part of System Verification (SV). The pool from which verification observations will be drawn is described in the SV plan. This plan contains details of individual observations and describes other aspects of the system which will be tested.

System Verification with NIRI is being co-ordinated by Joe Jensen, to whom any questions should be addressed.

NIRI has six SV modes:

  1. Low background imaging <2.5µm
    • Image scale: 0.022, 0.05 arcsec/pixel
    • Long integration, low readout noise configuration; use of IR OIWFS
  2. High background imaging >2.5µm
    • Image scale: 0.022, 0.05 arcsec/pixel
    • High background detector operating mode; frame coadding
  3. Wide field imaging: all filters
    • Image scale: 0.116 arcsec/pixel
    • PWFS for tip/tilt guiding; frame coadding; high background detector mode
  4. Grism spectroscopy: 1-5.5µm
    • Image scale: 0.116 and 0.05 arcsec/pixel
    • Grism type: direct-ruled KRS-5
    • Grism capabilities: resolution approximately 1500 and 4000.
  5. Coronagraphy (Not yet offered)
  6. Polarimetry: 1-2.5µm (Not yet offered)
    • Image Scale: all spatial scales
    • Wollaston prism: 3 arcsec beam separation.
    • This capability will not be implemented until the polarization modulator is installed in the Acquisition and Guiding unit.

Last update August 20, 2001; Joe Jensen

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