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2020A Important Dates

, Updated

Key dates and events in the proposal process are shown below. The Phase I and Phase II deadlines are highlighted.

Date Event Comments
(varies with participant) Proposal deadline Proposals received by National Gemini Offices (NGOs).
Late October/Early November (set by participant) NTAC meetings Scientific assessments by each Gemini participant ("National TAC").
13 November 2019 E-transmission Electronic transmission of NTACs results to Gemini.
5 December 2019 ITAC International Time Allocation Committee meets to resolve issues and recommend programs.
13 December 2019 20A schedule and Phase IIs available 2020A OT templates available to PIs.
2 January 2020 Phase II reviews start The response time is 7 days for checking from "For Review" and from "For Activation".
17 January 2020 Phase II deadline Mandatory for all PIs (earlier submission is encouraged).
1 February 2020 Start of semester 2020A 2020A programs may be observed earlier to fill queue nights.