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DSSI Phase II Checklist

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Instrument Configuration

  • The Instrument Name should be "DSSI"
  • The Observing Tool has no mechanism to specify the instrument configuration (dichroic & filters), so please include a note with this information.
  • The "Exp Time" should be the total desired integration time
  • The Wavelength should be 0.7 microns.

Target Coordinates

  • Must be accurate to better than 1 arcsecond
  • Must include proper motions


  • DSSI observations must be guided using PWFS2
  • The OT will attempt to find a guide star automatically. If this fails the "Auto" guide star group will be empty, in which case you should use the "Manual GS" button to search for another which will not vignette the science target. Please email your Contact Scientist if you have any questions.

Standards and Calibrations

  • Include a point source standard for each sky location, with a minimum of one per hour.
  • Include a photometric calibrator if photometry is required.
  • Finder Charts

    • If the field centering will not be obvious please include a finder chart showing the desired position.

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