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OT Release Notes: 2009A

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The 2009A version of the Observing Tool was publicly released on 11 December 2008. The most significant changes from the previous public release (2009B) are summarized below:

  • Modified instrument components and iterators
    • The default wavelength for the Michelle lowN mode is 9.5um in order to move the spectra away from a currently unusable detector channel.
    • GNIRS has been moved to the GN instrument list to support commissioning at GN in 2009.
  • User interaction and user interface features
    • Thesis and rollover programs are identified in the main program component.
    • A note has been added to the Phase II skeleton giving information and advice on defining the Phase II observations.
    • Various bug fixes related to drag/drop and storing changes
    • improved communication with the GSA to avoid transfer bottlenecks and maintain rapid ingestion times.

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