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Basic characteristics of Michelle's imaging mode

  • Several medium and narrow-band 10 um and 20 um filters (chop and nod)
  • Image FWHM at or approaching the diffraction limit (FWHM ~ 1.22 lambda/D ~ 0.31" at 10 microns, ~0.63" at 20 microns)
  • Pixel dimension = 0.1005" (imaging only)
  • Field of view = 32"x24" in imaging mode (but note that current maximum chop throw is 15")
  • Imaging usually not available using the broad band N and Q filters, due to detector saturation

As with other mid-IR imagers and low resolution spectrographs, accurate cancellation of the sky and telescope background is most readily achieved by the technique of chopping and nodding. Currently the maximum chop throw allowed on Gemini is 15 arcsec, which is considerably smaller than the Michelle field of view.

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