Organizing Committees

Scientific Organizing Committee

  • Lori Allen (NOAO)
  • John Blakeslee (NRC-HIA)
  • Pauline Barmby (University of Western Ontario; chair)
  • Amanda Bauer (AAO)
  • Rodrigo Carrasco (Gemini)
  • Scot Kleinman (Gemini)
  • Nancy Levenson (Gemini)
  • Christian Marois (NRC-HIA)
  • Chris Packham (University of Florida)
  • Rogemar Riffel (Universidade Federal de Santa Maria)
  • Henry Roe (Lowell)
  • Ricardo Schiavon (Gemini)
  • Alicia Soderberg (Harvard)
  • Letizia Stanghellini (NOAO)

Local Organizing Committee

  • Ken Hinkle (NOAO)
  • Nancy Levenson (Gemini)
  • Terry Lee (Gemini)
  • Peter Michaud (Gemini)
  • Dara Norman (NOAO)

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