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Telluric Standard Search

Search the Hipparcos catalog for dwarfs close to the specified RA and Dec.

1. RA:     (e.g. 00:42:44)

2. Dec:     (e.g. 41:16:09)

3. Spectral Type(s):     (e.g. B A0 A1)

4. Observation Duration:   hrs

5. Magnitude Range:      < <

6. Maximum Distance:   degrees

7. Output Sorting:   RA   Distance   Magnitude

1,2. Target coordinates should be J2000 and in sexagesimal format.
3. A space-separated list of the spectral types; an "A" matches all A* type stars, while A2 will only return A2 type stars.
4. If observation duration > 0, return two sets of standards, one for before and one for after the science target.
5. Appropriate magnitudes are converted from the Hipparcos V-band magnitudes using standard dwarf colors. Acceptable filters are V, H, L, and M.
6. Maximum distance for acceptable standards.
Currently searches 18,999 O-K dwarfs.

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2007 February 8 - Andrew Stephens