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AO Focal Plane Instrumentation

The phase one instrumentation program consists of a suite of instruments which will benefit from phase one adaptive optics system, Altair. The charts below summarize the instrumentation and provide links to the instruments home pages.

Instrument Name Project Home Page Local Link
Gemini Near-Infrared Imager NIRI NIRI builder NIRI home page
Gemini Near-Infrared Spectrograph GNIRS GNIRS builder GNIRS home page
Gemini Multi-Object Spectrograph GMOS GMOS builder GMOS home page


Table 1. Gemini Phase I Instrumentation


Wavelength Range

Array Format

Pixel Scale

FOV/Slit Length

Spectral Resolution

Other Capabilities

Upgrade Options


Multi-Object Spectrograph


0.4 - 1.1Ám

4k x 6k CCD


5.5' x 5.5'

R~1 k (3 pix) 

R~3k (3 pix)

R~10k (3 pix)

~200 multi slits 0.2" pix IFU


0.1" pix IFU



Near IR Imager


1 - 5.5Ám

1k x 1k InSb




20" x 20" 

50" x 50"

110" x 110"

Filters to R~100

R~700 grism

Polarizing prism

Near IR WFS (t/t) Coronagraph

Near IR Spectrograph


1 - 5.5Ám

1k x 1k InSb





R=2k, 6k, 18k R=0.7k, 2k, 6k.

X Dispersion Polarizing Prism Near IR WFS (t/t)

1 - 2.5Ám 0.05" pix IFU R~30k

Adaptive Optics System (AOS)

1 - 2.5Ám

0.8 - 5.5Ám (goal)


2' dia


natural guide star conjugation to alt. feed all inst. ports 0.5 - 2.5Ám ADC

Laser Beacon


SR=0.4 at 1.6Ám, median seeing and bright guide stars



Multi-Object Spectrograph


0.38 - 1.1Ám

4k x 6k CCD


5.5' x 5.5'

R~ 1 k (3 pix) R~3k (3 pix) R~10k (3 pix)

~200 multi slits 0.2" pix IFU

1 - 1.5Ám

0.1" pix IFU



High Resolution Optical Spectrometer


0.30 - 1.1Ám

4k x 4k CCD



30k - 80k

Cass mounted 

Prism X Dispersion

R= 120k 

Multi object Hi Stab Lab Feed Polarizing Prism

Mid-IR Imager

8 - 25Ám

~256 x 256


40" x 40"

Filters to R~100


The First Future Gemini Instrumentation Workshop held in Abingdon, Oxfordshire resulted in a recommendation of an agressive program of future focal-plane instrumentation optimized for the adaptive optics systems. The recommended new capabilities are outlined in the workshop report RPT-PS-G0075, Future Gemini Instrumentation. The instruments which will be optimized for the AOSs are summarized in the following table.

Instrument Name Project Home Page Local Link
Small Field NIR Imager / Coronagraph ???? None yet None yet
Integral Field Units for GNIRS ???? None yet None yet
Small Field IR MOS ???? None yet None yet

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