Gemini North Virtual Tours

Below are links to some panoramic QuickTimeVR movies that will take you on a virtual tour of the Gemini North telescope. You will need the QuickTimeVR plug-in installed for your browser to use this movie; it is available as a free download for both Windows and Macs from Apple. Note: Without the QuickTimeVR plug-in, some browsers will display the movie in an inappropriate format.

Tour 1: The Mauna Kea summit (November 1998), linked to a view of the inside of the Gemini-North enclosure.

Tour 2: The snow-covered Mauna Kea summit (February 1999), linked to a view of the tilted telescope and primary mirror.

Finally, this material will be expanding as the Gemini telescopes near completion, we would appreciate you comments and suggestions to make this site better and take you where you want to go! Send all correspondence to the address below.

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Peter Michaud / / February 18, 1999