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Gemini South Image Rivals
the View From Space

Background Information

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Image Technical Details:

The GMOS-South commissioning image of HCG 87 was obtained on May 25, 2003 and was combined from 3 images obtained in the following filters:

Filter: g'

Wavelength Interval [nm] = 398-552 Effective Wavelength [nm] =475

Integration Times: 3X300 seconds Image Quality: 0.51 arcseconds (combined image)

Filter r'

Wavelength Interval [nm] = 562-698 Effective Wavelength [nm] =630

Integration Times: 3X180 seconds Image Quality: 0.39 arcseconds (combined image)

Filter i'

Wavelength Interval [nm] = 706-850 Effective Wavelength [nm] =780

Integration Times: 6X120 seconds Image Quality: 0.36 arcseconds (combined image)

The field of view of the image is 4 x 4 arcminutes with a pixel scale = 0.073 arcs "unbin" mode was used to image the group.