Gemini South Dedication Media Resource Page

January 18, 2002, Cerro Pachón, Chile

Additional Resources for Media

On Friday, January 18th, the Gemini South Telescope will be dedicated high in the Chilean Andes. This dedication will celebrate the realization of the Gemini vision to provide twin state-of-the-art 8-meter optical/infrared telescopes (one on each hemisphere), and provide complete sky coverage for astronomers throughout the 7-country Gemini partnership.

For journalists unable to make the journey to Chile, the Gemini Observatory has produced a variety of media resources to assist those wishing to cover the story.

A special web site has been established that contains images and background information on the event. This web site will be updated on the day of the dedication to include images of participants, quotes and astronomical images from early science work at the Gemini South Telescope. A high-quality B-roll video-tape (BetaSP) has been produced and will be provided upon request (a limited number are available at the conference, contact Peter Michaud for details.)

A professional photographer will also be available to obtain specific images of individuals and participants upon request. These images will be e-mailed immediately following the dedication to any journalist who makes a request by January 15th.

Requests for video, specific VIP images and additional CD's can be made from the contact information above.

Watch for a dedication press release following the ceremony on January 18th through the AAS listserver.

Peter Michaud / / January 4, 2002