Planetary Nebula BD+303639

Gemini North Image - June 1999

Technical information

Instrument: The observations were obtained with the University of Hawaii Adaptive Optics System (Hokupa'a) with the infrared camera QUIRC. Hokupa'a is a 36-element curvature-sensing AO system. The Insitute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii, Adaptive Optics Group has more information about the AO system. The detector in QUIRC is a Rockwell 1024 x 1024 pixel HgCdTe "HAWAII" array sensitive to 2.5 microns. A description of QUIRC is available from the Insitute for Astronomy.

Pixel scale: 0.01974 arcsec per pixel (Detector pixels)
Field of view: 17 arcsec x 14 arcsec

Information about filters, exposure time and resolution:

Filter Exposure time Resolution (FWHM)
BrGamma (2.166 µm narrow band) 7 times 50 seconds 0.077 arcsec
H2 (2.12 µm narrow band) 6 times 50 seconds 0.088 arcsec

Processing: The images  were sky-subtracted using sky images obtained before and after the observations. Then the images in each passband were registered and co-added.

The color composite is made from the co-added images in Bracket Gamma (red) and H2 (blue).

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