Gemini Preprint #19

Execution of Queue-scheduled Observations with the Gemini 8m Telescopes

Phil Puxley
Gemini 8m Telescopes Project, 950 N. Cherry Ave., Tucson AZ 85719


Queue scheduling will be one of the major modes of operation of the Gemini 8m telescopes in which scientific programs will be carried out on behalf of applicants by Gemini staff. Use of a substantial fraction of the available telescope time in this manner will permit access to the exquisite conditions of image quality and background which the telescopes are designed to exploit as well as matching the demands of individual observations to the current conditions. In a previous presentation (SPIE 2871) the classical scheduling and loading of the queue were described. In this paper we discuss the philosophy and parameters which define its execution. Results from detailed simulations of the queue execution process are presented.

Appears in Proc. SPIE 3112, "Telescope Control Systems".

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Ruth A. Kneale / / August 26, 1997