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Comments, November '07

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Hi Everyone,

Since the last update we've made significant progress on the new instrument web pages, and we now think that they're complete and user-friendly enough for more intensive testing. We'd therefore like to request that you use them as your "default" instrument pages for the next three weeks; i.e., when you want to check or find out something about a Gemini instrument, to use these pages rather than the current, public pages. Several people have worked quite hard on getting this right, but it's inevitable that there are things that we've overlooked, and it's only with your help that we'll be able to find and fix these things and be in a good state to release the pages to the public.

You can find the pages at http://sciopsedit.gemini.edu/sciops/instruments (disregard anything outside the instruments section). There are a few things that you might notice are absent or incomplete. The general AO, SV/demo science and GNIRS pages, a table of contents and the Google search bar spring to mind here, but we'll carry on working on these. Also you'll notice a menu which allows you to change between the default layout and a wide format which scales with the user's page size and allows large fonts to be used more effectively. That's also a work in progress; your comments on how useful it is would be appreciated.

Most of the development of these pages has been done using Safari and Firefox, so it would be useful to hear about any difficulties you have with other browsers. Anything else that you think will affect our users' experience of the pages is also welcome, and there are also a few pages where we ask your opinion on specific things. We'd like to hear from you before Monday November 19th so that we have a chance to fix things before finally releasing these pages when the 08A programs are announced in early December. If you reply later we won't ignore you but it might not be easy to respond to your suggestions in time.

Once again, there's a page where you can use the comment function to leave your suggestions so that we can keep track of this: http://sciopsedit.gemini.edu/sciops/comments-november-07 (ask me for a username if you haven't got one). Otherwise, email webwg@gemini.edu and I'll add your suggestions for you.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Rachel, on behalf of the web working group:

Tom Geballe
Jason Kalawe
Bernadette Rodgers
James Turner
Aprajita Verma

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