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Travel Policy for Student Visitors of Gemini Observatory

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  • An approved travel request must be received by the travel office before arrangements can proceed.
  • Gemini’s Travel Department will coordinate flight arrangements with the traveler to ensure compliance with the Fly America Act
  • The Travel Coordinator will research flight options and the least expensive and best route for the requested travel dates will be forwarded to the traveler for approval. Upon the traveler's confirmation of the flight schedule, electronic tickets are issued.
  • When travel arrangements have been completed, final flight itinerary, travel expense report form, and hotel confirmation (if applicable) are e-mailed to traveler.
  • Combining Personal/Business Travel

    What are my obligations when I combine personal time and travel during a trip?

    • You must indicate on the initial request so that payment arrangements can be made.

    How do I separate personal and business travel costs?

    • The Travel Coordinator will make the determination based on the dates provided.

    How do I calculate the costs I have to pay for extra in-transit or stopover points I want for personal reasons?

    • The Travel Coordinator will determine the business portion of the airfare, hotel and rental car. The traveler is responsible for paying the difference.

    Reimbursement of meals and incidentals

    Gemini reimburses authorized travelers for meals and incidental expenses based on a per diem rate. Receipts are not required for these expenses. If a meal is provided for you or paid directly by Gemini (such as a meal at the summit), the per diem cost of the meal is deducted from the travel expense report. During the first and last days of the approved trip, per diem rates will be reimbursed at 75%. The Travel Coordinator will provide you with the rates Gemini uses in Hilo and La Serena and can provide assistance in completing the travel expense report.

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