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T-ReCS performance monitoring

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  • Pupil check: There are two observations needed a daytime one and a nighttime (twilight one). The daytime one is a quick sanity check while the nighttime one is a better view. Essentially all that needs to be done is a run a sequence in the seqexec. T-ReCS is set up in pupil imaging mode and we take a quick image of the M2 and a dark which is subtracted. We can then see how well the secondary is centered on T-ReCS. If it is off a few pixels in a certain direction that means we are slightly misaligned. We then have a simple formula for how to add or subtract shims in a corner to properly align the instrument. The imaging takes maybe 10 minutes at most. The data can be taken in any conditions, clouds don't matter. Observations should be taken every time the instrument goes back on the telescope.


  • Imaging throughput and image quality: Observation of standard stars in imaging mode. Data can be collected in twilight, but require photometric and dry conditions. Frequency required is once a month, whenever the instrument is on the telescope.


  • Spectroscopic throughput: Observation of standard stars in spectroscopic mode. It can be executed in twilight, but requires photometric, dry conditions. Frequency will be once every six months.


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