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ALTAIR performance monitoring

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  • Throughput measurements: the data needed consist of observations of photometric JHKL standards with NIRI in both NGS and LGS modes. This is aimed at measuring the absolute throughput of the AO system. The same observations will be used for PSF characterization. Photometric weather is required. Night time required for LGS, while NGS can be done in twilight. Observations will be collected once a month.


  • Plate Scale, and Distortion analysis: the observations required consist of imaging of a rich stellar field with NIRI using both f/32 and f/14 cameras. The goal is to measure the plate scale and the field distortion, and establish a distortion model. Observations can be taken in twilight, and will be collected once a month.


  • NIRI and NIFS Focus: Observations consist of standard focus sequences in both NGS and LGS modes. Observations can tolerate twilight conditions in NGS mode, and will be executed once every three months.



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