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OT Library

The Observing Tool libraries contain "pieces" of observations e.g. commonly used configurations, sequences, standard calibrations and ancillary information which may be copy-and-pasted into a new observation. The intent of these libraries is to speed the development of new science programs. As observing procedures and instrumental configurations may change from semester to semester (installation of new GCAL filters, for instance), it is advisable that PIs download the most recent libraries when defining new observations.

For MICHELLE and T-ReCS libraries of mid-infrared standard stars and asteroids are available. These three OT files do not contain full observations, but they do have the proper "Target" components for all the standard stars, with proper PWFS guide stars defined. These target tabs can be copied into OT files as needed. Two OT files are provided. The first of these contains a smaller set of primary and secondary standards, from somewhat disparate sources. The second file includes all the stars listed on the Cohen spectroscopic standard stars page, from Cohen et al. (1999), and the third contains asteroids useful for high-resolution spectroscopic observations. Although the files are labelled "MICHELLE" standards, they are of course equally useful for T-ReCS programmes.

caution The libraries are available from the Observing Tool and can be fetched from the appropriate observing database using the program references given below. The key for all libraries is 123456. 

You can retrieve example OT libraries for the following instruments:

Site/InstrumentProgram ReferenceLast  Updated
Gemini North

GMOS-NGN-GMOS-libraryDecember 3, 2006
MichelleGN-MICHELLE-libraryJune 7, 2006

GN-CAL-MICHELLE-StandardsMarch 11, 2006

GN-CAL-MICHELLE-COHENallMarch 11, 2006

GN-CAL-MICHELLE-AsteroidsJuly 13, 2006
NIFSGN-NIFS-libraryNovember 22, 2005
NIRIGN-NIRI-libraryApril 13, 2007
TEXESGN-TEXES-libraryJuly 13, 2006
Gemini South

bHROSGS-bHROS-libraryDecember 13, 2005
GMOS-SGS-GMOS-libraryDecember 22, 2006
GNIRSGS-GNIRS-libraryJuly 12, 2006
T-ReCSGS-TReCS-libraryDecember 10, 2006

Library elements in original form; Joe Jensen, Colin Aspin and Inger Jorgensen

Last update June 8, 2007; Bryan Miller

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