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Data reduction

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Data Format and Reduction

This section provides information on GSAOI data and GSAOI IRAF package. For information about the basic format of all Gemini data see the Data Formats section in the Data and Results Gemini webpage

Note: the GSAOI IRAF package is under development. More information on GSAOI data and data reduction will be added later in the semester. For more information about the Gemini IRAF package and the instruments supported for data reduction please see the Gemini Data Processing Software webpage.

GeMS/GSAOI Science Verification programmes: the SV data and corresponding calibrations are available through the Gemini Science Archive. Please see the System Verification page for a description of the process, aproved programmes and link to the GSA data access page.

GeMS/GSAOI Engineering Data early release: in response to a request from the comunity, examples of engineering data obtained during GeMS/GSAOI commissioning in 2011 and early 2012 were made available here. After the succesfull  completion of the SV programmes, and the corresponding data release at the end of the 2-month proprietary period, these datasets are now being removed from the public access. Users are encourage to visit the GSAOI SV data page, and download those observations and get familiar with the characteristics of the data.

NOTE: To browse what Gemini Users have exchanged about tricks, issues and solutions regarding reduction of GSAOI data (including distortion issues), please go to the DR forum (tag=gsaoi).