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Letters of Intent for Campaign Science Proposals

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Update: Titles, PIs, and PI contact information for the submitted letters of intent are available.  We encourage the development of collaborative campaign programs that will yield significant scientific results and remind proposers that participation across the Gemini Partnership is a criterion by which proposals will be evaluated.

This page is also available as a pdf document.

GPI Campaign proposals are expected to embrace a large, scientifically compelling and statistically significant investigation in the chosen science area. While GPI's primary science goal is the detection and characterization of exoplanets, its high contrast capabilities will allow significant scientific advances in such areas as circumstellar disks, stellar evolution and mass transfer, fundamental stellar astrophysics including binaries, and Solar System objects. All areas are open to campaign science proposals. Collaboration of teams from across the Gemini partnership is encouraged, and partner participation is a criterion by which campaign proposals will be evaluated.

Gemini will select the scientifically compelling proposal or proposals for scheduling. We anticipate considering programs that request from 200 to 1200 queue hours of telescope time, but this does not strictly limit the amount of time that letters of intent may suggest.

Prospective GPI Campaign Projects should submit a Letter of Intent to the Gemini Deputy Director/Head of Science by January 20, 2011. Letters should include this information:

  • Title of Project
  • Principal Investigator with full name of institution and contact information (phone and email)
  • Co-Investigators with full names of institutions
  • Broad scientific goals of the program
  • An estimate of the total amount of telescope time that will be requested and the number of semesters over which the project will run
  • A brief justification for the required time, not to exceed three pages

The primary purpose of this Letter is to give the Gemini Science Committee an indication of the level of interest in GPI Campaign time so they can make a recommendation to the Board on the total time available for GPI Campaigns. The Letters of Intent will also inform the Gemini partners of the expected lien from GPI Campaign Projects on their usual allotment of Gemini time. Please send letters of intent to Gemini Deputy Director/Head of Science, Nancy Levenson, nlevenson at gemini.edu.

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General information about GPI is available from the instruments section of the Gemini website (copied in a separate document), and current updates on GPI can be found at the external instrument site.

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