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OT Release Notes: 2011A

The 2011A OT was released on December 2, 2010. The most significant changes from the previous version (2010B) are summarized below:

  • Check that the band-3 minimum time is not zero
  • Add support for new NICI components
  • Add phase 2 check when the GMOS OIWFS guide star is not reachable
  • Improve the visualization of GMOS OIWFS offsets
    • FoV reachable by all offset positions marked in green
    • Unreachable offsets marked in red
  • Fix NIFS minimum exposure time error
  • Update GNIRS image readout overheads
  • Fix several OT orbital element bugs
  • Fix observing wavelength in nested iterators
  • Remove Hipparcos coordinate system.
  • Add support for GNIRS ND filter
  • Fix GMOS N&S binning bug
  • Include GNIRS Read Mode in iterator
  • Make GNIRS Camera an engineering component
  • Fix non-sidereal target 'Now' button
  • Fix GNIRS FOV visualization for all XD combinations
  • Make GMOS-N amp count an engineering-only property
  • GSAOI updates
    • Configurable GSAOI orientation
    • Component updates
    • Update default values for ADC, dichroic and astrometric mode
    • ODGW guide options

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