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GeminiFocus Reader Survey

In March of 1992, the Gemini Project Newsletter was born with the rather matter-of-fact opening sentence: “This is the first newsletter from the Gemini Project.” As we approach the 20th year of publication, it is time to re-evaluate the future of Gemini’s key communication tool to our various communities. As the montage above reveals, the Gemini Newsletter has evolved dramatically during its lifetime. From a very utilitarian collection of photocopied black-and-white pages, to the full-color publication it is now, the Gemini Newsletter has matured in lockstep with the observatory. Today, GeminiFocus, the name adopted for the newsletter in 2005, is a publication produced by our staff and supported by our users; it is the observatory’s flagship publication.

Of course, every publication has to plan for the future, and the future of any print publication looks very dynamic. As Gemini explores ways to communicate more effectively, efficiently, and with a greener global impact, we need you, our reader’s input to determine the best way forward. To that end, we have created a web-based survey to collect opinions on the evolution of this publication. To take the survey click on this survey form.

If the web survey isn’t able to capture your opinion, please send a note to the GeminiFocus Managing Editor, Peter Michaud.

The staff working on GeminiFocus appreciate your input and time to help us plot this future. We hope this publication will continue to serve your needs as a user, associate, or interested layperson.

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