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Communiqué of the Gemini Board of Directors 17 November 2009

At its November 2009 meeting, the Gemini Board critically reviewed the future of the partnership in accordance with Article 4 of its International Agreement.

At this "assessment point" all Parties except the UK stated their intentions to remain in the Partnership post-2012. The position of the UK is that it had not completed its process of review, but that it was almost certain not to continue in the Partnership beyond 31 December 2012. Until that time, all Parties intend to continue as full members of the Gemini Observatory.

After discussion by the Board, and in keeping with Articles 3 and 4 of the International Agreement, the representatives of the Parties agreed to extend its Agreement for a further period, at least until 31 December 2015, but unanimously accepted that the UK was almost certain to not wish to continue beyond the current expiry date. The UK will make its final position clear by the next Assessment Point, which the Parties set for late March 2010.

Accordingly NSF, as the Executive Agency, will prepare an appropriate amendment to the International Agreement, with the expectation that this will be signed by the Parties after the March 2010 Assessment Point.

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