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ITAC Terms of Reference

ITAC Terms of Reference

The terms of reference for the International Time Allocation Committee (ITAC) are:


  • The ITAC will advise the Director on resolving any conflicts that arise during assembly of the draft queue and classical schedule.
  • The ITAC consists of one representative from each National Time Allocation Committee (NTAC) and two Gemini staff scientists (the current ITAC membership is shown on the governance page).
  • The ITAC will recommend resolution between what it decides constitute identical programs in accordance with Gemini Observatory policy. The current policy is:
    • In seeking resolution between duplicate programs, collaboration between groups will first be encouraged. If that is not possible (a) for classical programs duplicate observations may be made, (b) for queue programs the data will be taken once and distributed to all parties.
  • The ITAC will recommend the cut for the overfilled, merged queue and the position of the scientific ranking bands.
  • The ITAC will report on the balance in the historical usage of time.


Last update August 17, 2006; Bob Blum

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