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OT 2008B Release Notes

The 2008B version of the Observing Tool was publicly released on 13 June 2008. The most significant changes from the previous public release (Tabano) are summarized below:

  • Modified instrument components and iterators
    • NICI: various component and UI updates, general Phase II checks activated
    • A new NICI offset iterator has been added to support FPMW offsets that are constrained along an arc
    • Updated Michelle Phase 2 checking rules
  • User interaction and user interface features
    • New target and guide star copy/paste/duplication feature in the target component
    • Updated and standardized user interface for the target component and offset iterators
    • Guide star queries updated to support new query result formats
    • New "In Review" observation status to prevent changes to observations while NGO contacts are in the review process
    • Fixed a bug in the entry of proper motions
    • Fixed program information is no longer user-editable
    • Improved program administration dialog (for Gemini staff use only)

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