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Gemini Pipeline Reduction System

We are in the process of creating an automatic data reduction pipeline. The current scope of the project aspires to provide Quality Assessment processing in near-real-time during observing at the telescopes, for all facility Gemini instruments.

The initial pipeline infrastructure and GMOS imaging mode processing was deployed at both telescopes in late 2011, with additional functionality and modes work in progress to be added.

The Quality Assessment Pipeline will be released as part of the Gemini Python component of the Gemini Data Reduction Package. It will be possible for the user to run the pipeline in a fully automated mode, or to run the pipeline processing primitives interactively under PyRAF.

Mission Statement for the Quality Assessment Pipeline

The QA Pipeline will reduce all new data, including all calibration data, produced by facility instruments on a time-scale and to a level that provides useful feedback for nighttime observing, data checking and queue coordination. For quality assessment, processed calibrations will be used if available at the time the data reduction is initiated. Fully processed science quality products are not required.

The site quality assessment metrics are delivered image quality (FWHM and ellipticity), sky transparency (Cloud Cover) and sky brightness. Quality assessment metrics are both recorded for future reference and displayed to the user.

The QA Pipeline does not replace daytime data quality assessment. It is an additional tool available to the Science Operations Specialists on data checking duty. It is expected that in time, the QA pipeline will automate much of the routine data checking.

Gemini's internal Pipeline Project Science Working Group provides real-user feedback to the Pipeline Project Team and helps prioritize the development and implementation of planned features based on current and foreseen operational needs. The group consists of science staff members who interact operationally with the QA pipeline.

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