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Loading an Object Table

To load the Object Table, proceed as follows: 

  1. From the main menu, click “GMMPS-Plugin” then “Load Object Table”, then either “.cat OT Catalog...” or “.fits OT Catalog (convert to .cat and load)...” depending on the format of the Object Table you wish to load. Loading a FITS format catalog will create a CAT catalog file from the fits table (overwriting any existing CAT file that shares a rootname with the FITS catalog). Changes made to any open catalog will be written to the CAT catalog but not the FITS version, so it is necessary to use some consideration when choosing which file format to open for a given catalog.

    [Loading OT catalog]
  2. A pop-up window will appear. Select the Object Table file corresponding to the current image displayed (e.g. mask_OT.cat) then click "OK".
  3. The following window will appear, showing the Object Table:
    [GMOS OT window]
    • The OT window is a modified Skycat catalog display window.
    • The OT window contains a large table for viewing catalog data, selected objects are highlighted in yellow in the catalog (they will be indicated by thicker symbols in the Skycat display).
    • Below the catalog table are the slit editing functions, these will change, when used, the values in the catalog (and in the corresponding .cat file) of any selected objects.
    • The bottom section of the OT window contains functions for altering what is displayed in the Skycat image window, as well functions for creating ODF files using this catalog.
      The name of the 'Plot GMOS … Detector Gaps' button will change based on the currently selected detector.
  4. As soon as the catalog window is loaded, shapes appear over objects in the displayed image. This maps the assigned priorities of the objects with different shapes and colors representing a different priority object. If shapes do not appear in the Skycat window when a catalog is loaded it is likely that the RA and DEC in the catalog do not match the RA and DEC of the loaded image.

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