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Current Status of Altair LGS

05 Sep 2006


In the last LGS run, July 2006, it was determined that the robustness of the system was less than required for science operation. Although all neccessary loops had been closed for LGS correction over the course of the last few runs, there were repeated problems with the overall system reliability as well as on-sky efficiency. A major rework of the LGS subsystems was undertaken during August to improve these problems. These daytime engineering tasks are now completed as of this writing, and we plan to go onto the sky this week to re-commission the system. No science is planned for the September LGS run as it is primarily to check that the modifications that have taken place are performing as expected.

We do not yet know when we will begin SV and LGS queue observations since we have not had any time on the sky with the re-engineered system. However, we have about one week of LGS commissioning scheduled every month of 2006B and will be working on getting the system ready for science throughout the semester. Updates will be placed on the main Status page as we gain more on-sky information.

We currently expect the system performance to be very similar to the SV call, with the additional elevation limit discussed on the Altair LGS component page as part of the 2007A Call for Proposals.

Last update Sep 05, 2006; Chad Trujillo.

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