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Proposal Statistics 2002A

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2002A Proposal Statistics

The number of proposals requested for each instrument by each partner country, University of Hawaii and Gemini staff, is shown in the table below. Note that some proposals request more than one instrument. 

The time requested is shown in the table below. Note that the requested time has not been corrected for mistakes within the proposals (e.g. underestimate of overheads).

The proposal oversubscription (defined as time requested / nominal time available as advertised in Call for Proposals) is shown in the table and figure below. For the purposes of these charts it is assumed that the Gemini staff have access to 10% of the available science time. These values have been adjusted for the change in the time available announced after the 2002A CfP (see announcement).

Last update March 23, 2002; Phil Puxley

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