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New Capabilities Available in 2004A

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New Capabilities Available in 2004A

New or changed capabilities offered for semester 2004A are summarized below. See the 2004A Call for Proposals for full details.

  • Gemini North
    • Science fraction increased from 55% to ~80%
    • 1-2.5um AO-corrected imaging with Altair + NIRI
    • NIRI spectroscopy continues to be available, but in queue mode only 
    • Quick-Response (QR) observations with GMOS-N (long-slit and imaging)
  • Gemini South
    • Science fraction increased from 60% to 70%
    • GMOS-S now available in classical mode
    • IFU spectroscopy with GMOS-S
    • Quick-Response (QR) observations with GMOS-S (long-slit and imaging)
    • R=100 and R=1000 10um and 20um spectroscopy with T-ReCS

Last update August 29, 2003; Phil Puxley

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