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Observing Blocks

The blocked observing schedule shown below indicates possible instrument blocks for semester 2001A. The remainder of the time (shaded black) is intended for ongoing telescope and instrument (principally GMOS) commissioning. There are two important points to note:

caution NIRI will not be available for queue-scheduled observing until 1 March. Hence no targets with RA between 0hr and 7hr will be accepted for NIRI.

caution The likely instrument schedule means that targets in OSCIR and Hokupa'a/QUIRC programs with RA between 0hr and 5hr are not recommended.


Note that this schedule is subject to engineering demands on the telescope during this shared-risks phase as well as the availability of the loaned University of Hawaii near-IR camera, QUIRC. The (NIRI) queue blocks may be changed at short notice after the proposal deadline. 


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Last update December 21, 2000; Phil Puxley