List of Participants at GEMINI SCIENCE 2004
color-coded by partner country (total=128)

Ryder, Stuart Anglo-Australian Obs. sdr Age-dating a Starburst: Gemini/CIRPASS Observations of the Core of M83 talk
Whiting, Matthew University of New South Wales mwhiting A GMOS Dissection if the Line-of-sight Environment to PKS 2126-158 talk
Wayth, Randall University of Melbourne rwayth GMOS IFU spectroscopy of the lensed QSO 2237+0305 talk
Melatos, Andrew University of Melbourne a.melatos Rapid Variability of Subarcsecond Shock Structures in the Crab Nebula talk
Francis, Paul Australian National University pfrancis High Redshift Radio Galaxies with Flat Radio Spectra talk
Da Costa, Gary Australian National University gdc The Stellar Populations of dE galaxies in the M81 Group poster
Pracy, Michael University of New South Wales mpracy Spectroscopic dissection of E+A galaxies poster
Couch, Warrick University of New South Wales w.couch - -
McGregor, Peter Australian National University peter see Users Session -
Pritchet, Chris U. Victoria pritchet Gemini Observations of SNLS Supernovae - SNLS Overview talk
Davidge, Tim Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics tim.davidge Studies of Nearby Galaxies with Adaptive Optics on Gemini North, and the Evolution of Spheroidal Systems talk
Kalirai, Jasonjot University of British Columbia/td> jkalirai The White Dwarf Initial Final Mass Relationship: Spectroscopy of White Dwarfs in M37 talk
Richer, Harvey University of British Columbia richer Exploring the Main Sequence of the Globular Cluster Messier 4 talk
Tam, Cindy McGill University tamc Near-Infrared Observations of Anomalous X-ray Pulsars talk
Schade, David National Research Council Canada David.Schade Gemini Adaptive Optics Imaging of QSO host galaxies at z~2 talk
Willott, Chris Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics chris.willott The black holes and dark halo masses of high redshift quasars talk
Thanjavur, Karun niversity of Victoria karun Galaxy evolution at High Redshift from Integral Field Spectroscopy of Gravitational Lenses talk
Johnson, Jennifer NRC/HIA/DAO Jennifer.Johnson GMOS Radial Velocities from Red Giants in M13 and And VII poster
Rowe, Jason University of British Columbia rowe Rapid Photometry of Variable Stars in the Globular Cluster M55 poster
Mitchell, George Saint Mary's University gmitchell CO isotopomer abundances from high resolution infrared spectroscopy poster
Bridges, Terry Queen's University, Kingston tjb - -
Crabtree, Dennis NRC-HIA Dennis.Crabtree - -
Cote, Stephanie HIA/NRC stephanie.cote - -
Welch, Doug McMaster University welch - -
Crampton, David NRC/HIA David.Crampton - -
Fahlman, Gregory HIA-NRC greg.fahlman - -
Ruiters, Melissa Queen's University mruiters - -
Hanes, Dave Queen's University hanes - -
Arnadottir, Annska Queen's University annska - -
Sajina, Ana University of British Columbia sajina - -
Wall, Jasper University of British Columbia jvw - -
Bohlender, David Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics, National Research Council of Canada david.bohlender - -
Juneau, Stephanie U. Montreal/Hezberg Inst. of Astrophysic stephanie.juneau - -
Coppin, Kristen Univ. of British Columbia coppin - -
Bosch, Guillermo CONICET & Univ. Nacional La Plata guille Present Day Star Formation in NGC 6357 talk
Diaz, Ruben Joaquin National University of Cordoba diaz Gemini 3D Infrared Spectroscopy: Double Nucleus in M83 poster
Storchi Bergmann, Thaisa Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul thaisa Kinematics of the circumnuclear regions of Seyfert Galaxies from GMOS IFU observations talk
Cunha, Katia Observatorio Nacional Brasil / UTEP katia Using Phoenix to probe the origins of fluorine talk
Infante, Leopoldo P. Universidad Catolica de Chile linfante Spectroscopy of Southern RCS Clusters at redshifts near one poster
Lopez, Sebastian CONICYT - Chilean Gemini Office slopez - -
Campusano, Luis CONICYT - Chilean Gemini Office lcampusa - -
Volk, Kevin Gemini South kvolk Infrared Imaging of Planetary Nebulae talk
Geballe, Tom Gemini North tgeballe H3+ in the Unique Environments Toward the Galactic Center talk
Trujillo, Chad Gemini North trujillo First observations of the surface properties of the most distant known minor planet in the solar system talk
Miller, Bryan Gemini South bmiller GMOS Spectroscopy of Globular Clusters in Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies talk
Jorgensen, Inger Gemini North ijorgensen The Gemini/HST galaxy cluster project - galaxy evolution during half the age of the Universe talk
Beck, Tracy Gemini North tbeck The 3-Dimensional Structure of Outflows from Newborn Stars from GMOS IFU Spectroscopy
Variations in Obscuration Toward T Tau South
Trancho, Gelys Gemini North gtrancho Spectroscopy of Star Clusters in NGC 3256 poster
Aspin, Colin Gemini North caspin Young Eruptive Stellar Objects Studied with Gemini poster
Roth, Kathy ** Gemini North kroth The Gemini Deep Deep Survey: Exploring the Epoch of Galaxy Assembly poster
Jensen, Joe Gemini/Tucson jjensen Probing Stellar Populations Using IR Surface Brightness Fluctuations poster
Ledlow, Michael Gemini South mledlow An Interesting Collection of AGN Observed with Gemini poster
Carrasco, Rodrigo Gemini South rcarrasco Gemini+GMOS observations of z=0.485 X-ray poor cluster of galaxies VMF097 poster
Roy, Jean-Rene Gemini North jrroy see Users Session -
Rodgers, Bernadette Gemini South brodgers - -
Simons, Doug Gemini dsimons see Users Session -
Puxley, Phil Gemini South ppuxley see Users Session -
Labrie, Kathleen Gemini North klabrie - -
Rigaut, Francois Gemini North frigaut see Users Session -
Turner, James Gemini South jturner - -
Garcia, Antonieta Gemini South agarcia - -
Fisher, Scott Gemini North sfisher - -
Winge, Claudia Gemini South cwinge - -
Michaud, Peter Gemini North pmichaud - -
Collins Petersen, Carolyn Gemini carolyn - -
Harvey, Janice Gemini North jharvey - -
Mountain, Matt Gemini mmountain see Users Session- -
Sharples, Ray University of Durham r.m.sharples Globular Clusters as Probes of Galaxy Formation talk
Lucas, Phil University of Hertfordshire pwl The Gemini view of the bottom of the IMF in Orion talk
McLure, Ross Edinburgh University rjm The IR Hubble diagram for sub-mm selected sources talk
Dunlop, James University of Edinburgh jsd Ultra-Deep GMOS South Spectroscopy of Extremely Red Galaxies talk
Burleigh, Matt University of Leicester mbu Imaging planets around white dwarfs talk
Hook, Isobel University of Oxford imh GMOS spectroscopy of supernovae from the CFHT Legacy survey talk
Barr, Jordi Oxford University jmb The Gemini/HST galaxy cluster project - GMOS imaging and spectroscopy of galaxies in a massive cluster at z=0.28 talk
Bunker, Andrew University of Exeter bunker Exploring the reionization epoch at z~6 with GMOS talk
Maund, Justyn University of Cambridge jrm The Progenitor of Supernova 2003gd talk
Stanway, Elizabeth Cambridge University ers Galaxies at redshift 6 - I-drop photometric selection and the GLARE project talk
Bower, Richard University of Durham r.g.bower Galaxies Under the Cosmic Microscope talk
Davies, Roger Oxford University roger.davies The assembly history of NGC 4150 talk
Roche, Nathan University of Edinburgh ndr An ultra-deep GMOS Spectroscopic Survey of Extremely Red Galaxies poster
Caputi, Karina Royal Observatory Edinburgh kic Extremely Red and Ks-selected galaxies in the GOODS/CDFS deep ISAAC field poster
Pattison, Ian University of Leeds ip Multi-Wavelength Observations of H II Regions in M33 poster
Targett, Thomas University Of Edinburgh tat Reduction and Analysis of Deep NIRI Images poster
Clarke, Fraser European Southern Observatory fclarke - -
Hough, James University of Hertfordshire jhh see Users Session -
Soechting, Ilona Oxford University iks - -
Baines, Deborah University of Oxford db - -
Johnson, Rachael Oxford University rjohnson - -
Bandyopadhyay, Reba Oxford University rmb - -
Hinkle, Kenneth NOAO hinkle Infrared Spectroscopy of Evolved, Interacting Stellar Systems talk
Gebhardt, Karl University of Texas gebhard GMOS-IFU Observations of the Most Massive Black Holes talk
Macri, Lucas NOAO lmacri Improving the Cepheid Distance Scale with Gemini talk
Telesco, Charles University of Florida telesco T-ReCS Imaging & Spectroscopy of the Disks & Environments of Younger Stars talk
Packham, Chris University of Florida packham Mid-IR Observations of AGN Using T-ReCS on Gemini South talk
De Buizer, James CTIO jdebuizer Observations of the earliest stages of massive star formation using T-ReCS and OSCIR talk
Stassun, Keivan Vanderbilt University keivan.stassun Setting the Clock for Planet Formation: Empirical Calibration of Pre-Main-Sequence Stellar Evolution Models with Gemini/Phoenix talk
Glazebrook, Karl The Johns Hopkins University kgb The Gemini Deep Deep Survey: the abundance of massive galaxies at z>1 talk
Bouchet, Patrice CTIO pbouchet High Resolution Imaging of SN1987A at 10 and 20 microns with T-ReCS talk
Rhoads, James Space Telescope Science Inst. rhoads A Luminous Lyman-alpha Emitting Galaxy at Redshift z=6.5 talk
Savaglio, Sandra The Johns Hopkins University savaglio The Gemini Deep Deep Survey and the Properties of Galaxies in the Redshift Desert talk
Roe, Henry Caltech hroe Uncovering Titan's Methane Meteorological Cycle talk
Rest, Armin CTIO arest SuperMacho: A Next Generation LMC Microlensing Survey talk
Merline, William Southwest Research Institute merline The Search for Binary Asteroids Using Adaptive Optics talk
Bary, Jeffrey Vanderbilt U. & U. Virginia jbary Searching for Accretionally Evolved Disks: Phoenix at Gemini South talk
Grav, Tommy Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics tgrav Near-Infrared Photometry of Irregular Satellites of Jupiter and Saturn talk
Smith, Verne University of Texas - El Paso verne Stellar Abundances and Chemical Evolution from High-Resolution IR Spectroscopy talk
Smith, Chris CTIO csmith ESSENCE: Constraining the Equation of State of Dark Matter talk
Olsen, Knut CTIO kolsen The Bulge and Disk of M31 as Seen by Altair talk
Potter, Dan University of Arizona potter A debris disk survey of nearby solar analog stars with the Gemini/Hokupa`a dual imaging polarimeter talk
Zheng, Wei Johns Hopkins University zheng Search for High-Redshift Objects in Lensed Clusters talk
Gerardy, Christopher L. University of Texas, Austin gerardy NIRI observations of Type Ia Supernovae talk
Kulesa, Craig A. University of Arizona ckulesa Direct Measurement of Cold H2 and CO in Star-forming Molecular Clouds talk
Dalcanton, Julianne University of Washington jd The Formation of Thick Disks talk
Ebeling, Harald University of Hawaii ebeling GMOS observations of massive, X-ray selected galaxy clusters talk
Sterzik, Michael European Southern Observatory msterzik TReCS observations of Brown Dwarf Disks talk
Bergmann, Marcel CTIO mbergmann The Gemini/HST galaxy cluster project - The rich galaxy cluster Abell 851 poster
Mason, Rachel NOAO rmason Dust and Ice Chemistry in Quiescent Regions of Dense Molecular Clouds poster
Radomski, James University of Florida jtr High Resolution Mid-Infrared Observations of AGN poster
Blum, Robert ** CTIO/NOAO/NGSC rblum Accretion Signatures in Massive Young Stellar Objects poster
Armandroff, Taft NOAO armand - -
Guhathakurta, Raja UC Santa Cruz raja - -
Woodward, Chick University of Minnesota chelsea - -
Friel, Eileen National Science Foundation efriel - -
Carney, Bruce Univ of North Carolina bruce - -
Wainscoat, Richard University of Hawaii rjw - -
Venn, Kim Macalester College venn - -
Foltz, Craig National Science Foundation cfoltz - -
Van Citters, Wayne National Science Foundation gvancitt - -
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** not attending

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